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Motion Capture&Vtuber Livestream: Turn into 2D/3D Avatars to Begin Virtual Live Streaming.

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The real-time interaction between real people and virtual characters is a major application of motion capture technology. Virdyn now working on promoting a business model that combines motion capture technology and virtual live streaming. For MCN agency specializing in creating Vtubers, a Vtuber live streaming company, an individual Vtuber with high requirements for motion capture, or a new project planning to start a business in the Vtuber live streaming space. Aiming at the requirement of full-body motion capture for virtual live streaming, but pursuing a low-cost solution.

Our main product is a full body motion capture hardware: VDSuitFull which compatible to VUP virtual livestream software, support the connection of motion capture suit in the software into 2D/3D Avatar to begin the virtual live streaming.

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Whether creators in the field of short videos, live broadcasts, or users on the other side of the screen, they must have noticed something recently: more and more virtual people are appearing.

For example, Liu Yexi, who became a hit after her debut, is positioned as a virtual beauty expert who can catch demons, and her first video has received millions of likes; and Xu Anyi, a fox demon in the live broadcast room, as a live broadcaster 20 The newcomers who have been around for many days have now attracted 85,000 fans, and more than 10,000 online viewers at the same time.

It is worth noting that the virtual human not only shows the popularity, but also allows everyone to see the more and more mature technical solutions of the motion capture track. Xu Anyi's one-click transformation into Ultraman, inversion, dancing, hip twisting, etc. during the live broadcast can prove that relying on a set of stable and powerful motion capture equipment, the virtual human in the live broadcast room is more brilliant than the live broadcast. The effect of the program has also attracted fans strongly.

Virdyn virtual human

VDLive Virtual Live System: Motion Capture Technology for Digital Characters

VDLive is a zero-threshold, low-cost lightweight virtual anchor system, a professional live streaming platform for secondary virtual IP, which can drive digital characters in real time for synchronized live streaming and push the stream to major live streaming platforms with one click.


Five steps to start broadcasting

Step1 Broadcasting platform account login


Step2 VDSuit Full full body motion capture device connection calibration


Step3 Open VDLive software for image selection


Step4 Set the scene

640 (1)

Step5 Push stream setting

640 (2)

Real-time motion capture
1. real human wearable device
2. Real-time driven digital characters
3. synchronized interaction between virtual world and real world

 VDSuit Full


Real-time face capture
1. Precisely capture every detail of the face
2. Vividly interpret facial expressions
3. Algorithm supports more than 50 expression data

Diversify live scenes and resources

2D scenes, 3D scenes or AR reality scenes

Multi-camera control flexible scheduling of creative space
Multiple virtual camera positions are preset in the system to facilitate quick switching of various camera positions such as close-up, close-up, panorama, and motion camera during AR live or creative video recording.

AR live virtual-real interaction
Projecting digital characters into real scenes, realizing the synchronous interaction between real scenes and digital characters, combining reality and imaginary, full of creativity.

Special effects, props use, to create creative live room
A variety of special effects, props, to assist the live broadcast, to increase the live fun, to create a lively live atmosphere.