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Inertial Motion Capture Technology to Help the Game Development and Production

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In the field of game animation production and development, the application of motion capture technology is now so widespread that almost all 3D game animation productions use live actors for motion capture. And with the development of motion capture technology, the live action of real actors can be transferred to digital characters in real time to create highly realistic action images.

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Motion capture technology to enable 3A game production

In recent years, players have a higher pursuit of ornamental and smooth game graphics, and we gradually realize whether a game is good enough without the attentive production of models, scenes, special effects, etc., which has largely promoted the progress of the game production industry.

The motion capture technology first appeared in the film production industry, and its realism and infectious power brought the audience amazement, and applied in the game industry, the motion capture technology with a unique performance art, vivid game characters, with the ultimate sense of presence to bring players a subtle fantasy game experience.

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The development of the game can not be separated from the progress of technology. When it comes to the origin of motion capture technology, the first thing we recognize is the transcription technique. In 1984, the first game in the history of the game to use the technique of transcription was born, followed by the classic game IP "Prince of Persia", and also laid the foundation for the birth of "Assassin's Creed".

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And with the development of the times, people are no longer satisfied with 2D games, eager for a more realistic gaming experience. Therefore the arrival of the 3D era and the development of motion capture technology provides strong technical support for the development of high-quality games 3A games.

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Game animation will contain a lot of complex action gestures, only by copying is difficult to achieve the real posture, weight and speed of human movement, and motion capture technology is undoubtedly the most effective way to get realistic animation, through the collection of real actors' action data, applied to the game character's skeleton, in the maximum degree close to the real, presenting a high level of action gestures as in the film. Today, motion capture has become the standard configuration of 3A games.

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Virdyn motion capture technology in the field of game application advantages

Unique advantage of inertial motion capture

Motion capture, divided into optical motion capture and inertial motion capture, and inertial motion capture has unique advantages compared to optical motion capture. Inertial sensor-based motion capture system to collect a small amount of signal, easy to complete the task of attitude tracking in real time, the solution to get a large range of attitude information, high sensitivity, good dynamic performance, and inertial sensors are small, easy to wear, cost-effective. And will not be interfered by the light, background and other external environment, but also to overcome the shortcomings of the camera monitoring area is limited, and can achieve multi-target capture.

Virdyn self-developed full-body motion capture and facial expression capture technology, through the real person wearing motion capture equipment, can be efficient, stable and accurate capture of the wearer's body movements and expressions, to provide virtual shooting, real-time motion capture and real-time engine fusion output support for the work, to provide professional motion capture support for game designers.

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Virdyn motion capture device in the motion capture software VDMocap Studio to achieve real-time recording of motion capture data and export / playback / edit motion capture data, and quickly generate fbx / bvh file, can be imported to Maya, 3DS MAX, Unity, Unreal in a variety of industry applications compatible with the software, and the model to bind to use and drive playback. Compared with the traditional manual K-frame method, the addition of motion capture technology, very efficient to shorten the game animation production cycle time.

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Professional motion capture team to help the game production

Virdyn motion capture team to provide professional motion capture support to help game production and promote the development of the game industry.

Motion capture equipment support: full-featured motion capture equipment VDSuit-Full

Professional-grade tools for film and television, animation and game production. VDSuit-Full integrates 27 key nodes of the whole body, accurate to the finger joints, one-click drive, real-time reconstruction of the performer's motion trajectory in 3D space, accurately capturing the movements of real human actors, and converting them into digital models in real time to synchronize the generation of 3D computer animation, making it an ideal tool for professional animators.

VDSuit Full

Smart Motion Capture Glove mHand Pro

The must-have interactive glove for immersive projects. Smart motion capture glove, integrated with 16 sensing nodes on the back of the hand and knuckles, with optical positioning tracking and gesture recognition, is a seamless interface between the physical world and the digital virtual world. Virtual teaching experiments, offline large game field, VR experience and other fields, the use of intelligent motion capture gloves for interaction, compared to the handle, more immersive effect, creating unlimited application possibilities.

mHand Pro

Software support VDLiveFC

Only need 1 cell phone program + 1 PC side real time system. VDLiveFC, with accurate expression capturing algorithm, can synchronize human facial expressions to digital characters in real time, and the algorithm supports more than 52 expression data with real-time capture and real-time output. Widely used in film and television special effects, games, animation, virtual anchor, interactive entertainment and other application markets.

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Motion capture technical support
Motion Data Recording

We provide game motion data recording service to empower game production with highly accurate and stable motion capture.

 Virdyn VDMocap Studio Motion Capture Software System for VDSuit Full (2)

Motion Data Retouching

We provide frame retouching service for motion capture data, perfecting the details, realistic and close to the needs, providing fine services for your creative perfection.

 3D painting

Game animation production

We provide a full service of 3D animation production, which integrates the whole process of creativity, planning and production, and our professional 3D animation production team is rich in talent and innovative ideas.

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