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Virdyn mHand Studio Motion Capture Gloves Software System for mHand Pro

Short Description:

mHand Studio, uses the fully self-developed high-tolerance anti-magnetic interference algorithm & adaptive temperature drift compensation algorithm, combined with hand gesture motion capture & virtual reality interaction and other technologies, to provide real-time transcription of hand gestures into digital for different scenarios The development service of model action provides a brand-new human-computer interaction scheme. Supports motion capture data playback, broadcast and export by recording hand gestures, providing virtual simulation interactive reference case services.

Product Detail

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● Gesture recognition: Built-in fully self-developed gesture recognition model, supports 15+ gesture types, covering common interactive gestures such as grabbing, clicking, OK, fisting, etc., and easily supports various VR interactive content

● Spatial positioning: Supporting SDK, support HTC Vive Tracker, Oculus Quest 2 controller and other optical trackers for hand position tracking

● Immersive interaction: Multiple built-in virtual interaction cases, combined with gesture recognition and vibration feedback, provide developers with more efficient and realistic virtual interaction solutions

● Cross-platform: Supporting C++SDK, C#SDK, Unity3D, UE4, UE5, UDP broadcasting, compatible with Windows and Android systems

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Software Description

Camera reset

● Click the  icon and the camera will reset to its relative location to the model. (Relative location: The default relative distance between the camera and the model)

Window switch

● Click the  icon to switch to one angle window and the  icon  for  four  angles  windows.

Motion capture calibration

● You must calibrate the unit before use. Tick both poses. During calibration, please follow the prompts and requirements.

Quick calibration

● Before quick calibration is enabled, there are no calibration prompts. The model needs to stand in the calibration pose and the controller should click the “Quick Calibration” button.

Data recording

● Set the storage path and file name and click the “Start Recording” button to begin recording motion data. After the capture and recording of motion data, click “Stop Recording” button to save the data file.

Hand gesture recognition

● After calibration, the computer will automatically recognize the motions captured by the device.

Camera mode

● Click the “3D” button to switch to a 3D window and click the “VR” button for a VR window. (VR glasses are required)

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Vibration mode

● Click the “Mode” button to change to different vibration modes. (“Mode 1” is no vibration)

Fingers clenched and unclenched

● During motion capture, you can choose to enable fingers clenched or unclenched. (horizontal)

Hardware setting

● Click the “Settings” button and then click the “Hardware Setting” button to adjust hardware parameters and performance recovery.

System setting

● Click the “Setting” button and then click the “System Setting” button to adjust software parameters.

Data broadcasting

● Click the “Broadcasting” button and set IP and port to transmit data over the data protocol.

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