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Motion Capture Technology Opens up Animation Production Process and SDK plug-in Connects to 3D Software VR Engine.

Traditional CG animation works often have extremely beautiful pictures and extremely high production standards, but they also bring problems such as long production cycle, high professional threshold, and large capital investment. The rise of video products and the urgent need for national video production increasingly reflect the barriers of traditional animation production. The biggest problem is that real-time production and presentation cannot be realized. It is often necessary to decompose animation scenes and hire animators to complete the production of key frames. , the workflow is complex, and it is impossible to preview the results and optimize in time during the production process.

3D animation produce processing

The emergence of 【full-body motion capture technology】brings revolutionary innovation to animators

Virdyn independently researches and develops full-body motion capture and facial expression capture technology. Through real wearable motion capture equipment, the wearer’s body movements and expressions can be captured efficiently, stably and accurately, and the motion capture data can be recorded in real time in the motion capture software VDmocap. And export/playback/edit motion capture data to quickly generate fbx/bvh files.

The fbx motion files exported through the motion capture software VDMocap can be imported into Maya, 3DS MAX, Unity, Unreal and other industry application tools and software compatible, and can be used for binding with the model and drive playback, compared to the traditional animation K-frame method , The blessing of motion capture technology is very efficient to shorten the action production cycle time.

VDSuit Full

1. Capture motion data based on VDSuit Full

VDSuit Full image

2. Export motion capture files from motion capture software

VDMocap Studio image

3. Import motion capture data into the software

VDMocap Studio image2

4. Create Actors and align them with motion capture nodes

VDMocap Studio image3

5. Binding motion capture nodes to Actors

VDMocap Studio image4

6. Save Actor as FBX file

VDMocap Studio image5

7. Import the application model


8. Bind the model and merge bones

VDMocap Studio image6

9. The final presentation of motion capture data in 3Dmax

VDMocap Studio image6

Technology empowerment, industry win-win

Virdyn, focusing on the research and development of multi-sensor fusion technology and human-computer interaction technology, has independently developed and patented inertial motion capture products VDsuit series, motion capture gloves and virtual live broadcast system platform VDLive, which have been widely used in film and television, animation, VR/AR , games, live broadcast and other industries, and form mature landing solutions in each field, highly technical integration, low-cost entry, empowering film and television animation production and game development and other industries, opening up the pre- and post-production process of animation, SDK plug-ins have no Seam butt 3D mainstream software and VR engine.

Post time: Oct-26-2022