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About Us


About Virdyn

Welcome to Virdyn! We established in 2016, Virdyn is a dynamic Chinese firm dedicated to the realms of motion capture technology and 3D modeling.  To date, we've had the privilege of serving clients from a range of regions including the United States, Canada, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea, and Southeast Asia, making us a trusted and renowned brand.

As a leading motion capture technology supplier, we are poised to offer our clients high-quality, precision-engineered mocap hardware and software solutions at a competitive price point. Furthermore, our services are characterized by efficiency, professionalism, and a commitment to the utmost customer satisfaction, from pre-sale inquiries to post-sale support.
We offer different inertial motion capture technology solutions for different user groups. For students, hobbyists, and novices with limited budgets who are new to the motion capture industry, we offer a range of inertial motion capture hardware products, including full body capture with hands and fingers, hand capture alone, mobile phone mounted face capture helmets, and all-in-one camera face capture helmets, so that the user can choose the product they need according to their needs. In addition, for customers with sufficient budget and high requirements for capture accuracy, smoothness, anti-magnetisation, latency, transmission and other functions, we have also launched full performance professional-grade inertial motion capture kit, which integrates the functions of body motion capture, face capture, hand capture and other hardware devices, upgraded hardware and professional-grade motion capture engine software, so that the capture effect can meet the needs of professional production of animation, film and game scenes.

Our Founders


The Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts

Master of Arts

Senior Engineer

General Manager of Frontop Co., Ltd.

General Manager of Virdyn Co., Ltd.

Take the lead in developing REAL TOUCH three-dimensional interactive system, 3D holographic somatosensory interactive software, inertial motion capture system. Holds 8 digital display patents, 17 digital image patents, 16 digital image copyrights, and over 55 original software copyrights.

Our Team

Virdyn holds four core departments.

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Product Research and Development Department: The research and development department is mainly composed of the development department and the testing department. As the core department of the company, it is responsible for new product development, product testing, product upgrade, function update, technical support and problem solving of dynamic capture equipment.

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Marketing Department: The marketing department is mainly composed of the domestic marketing department and the overseas marketing department. As a first-line product sales, it is responsible for selling the listed products to domestic and overseas markets, serving each customer attentively, and bringing customers a 100% satisfactory shopping experience.

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Operation Department: The operation department mainly undertakes customized projects, participates in the whole process from project initiation to project completion, actively communicates with customers, timely understands customer needs, adjusts projects as needed, ensures that projects are delivered on time, and wins unanimous praise from customers.

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Art Department: The art department mainly cooperates with the operation department to design special IP images for customized customers, and is responsible for all the company's art image design.

Our Vision

Virdyn's corporate vision is: to make the virtual world fun for everyone.

Under the leadership of company founder Suiying Wu, Virdyn has been able to provide one-stop motion capture and virtual digital human digital solutions for small studios, start-ups, hobbyists, and students in related industries. Our R&D team includes professionals with extensive experience in games, animation, film and television, virtual live broadcast, virtual digital human and other aspects.

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Virdyn is preparing to expand aggressively overseas. We are committed to establishing partnerships with local businesses to sell our products all over the world. We have also expanded our business scope to virtual live broadcast and IP creation and operation, providing virtual digital IP customization and agency operation services for brand owners around the world. At the same time, we will continue to innovate the technology of inertial motion capture, making it widely used consumer-grade high-tech products.

Our Partners

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